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Professional Carpet Cleaning

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Certified Residential & Commercial Carpet Cleaning

We use van mounted hot water extraction equipment. Hot Water Extraction is proven to be the most effective method in removing deeply imbedded dirt and other abrasive materials that can drastically shorten the life of your carpets. We also professionally clean oriental rugs in our premier Rug Spa.

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Our Carpet Cleaning Process:

STEP 1: Pre-Inspection

Every carpet is thoroughly inspected before cleaning.

STEP 2: Commercial Pre-Vacuum

Your carpet will be thoroughly vacuumed with a special Turbine Vacuum System.

STEP 3: Furniture Moving & Setup

Sofas, chairs and tables will be carefully moved. Our technicians will then lay down walk-in mats to keep outside dirt from being tracked in and place corner guards to protect walls from hoses.

STEP 4: Pre-spray & Pre-spot

Traffic areas and spots are pretreated for more effective removal.

STEP 5: Pre-Groom

Carpet is be pre-groomed to further loosen traffic area soil.

STEP 6: Extract & Rinse

The loosened soil is then thoroughly extracted.

STEP 7: Neutralize

Every carpet that we clean is pH balanced.

STEP 8: Post-spot Treatment

Treatment of specialty spots and urine is included.

STEP 9: Dry Bonnet

A dry bonnet is used on carpets that are prone to wicking.

STEP 10: Speed Dry

High velocity air movers are used to speed dry carpet.

STEP 11: Post Grooming

The carpet pile is set in one direction for faster drying.

STEP 12: Post Inspection

A post walk through will be done to insure you are pleased. For steps 8-12, Our technicians will wear shoe coverings to protect your freshly cleaned carpets.

Clients Are Saying...

  • "WOW! You made my carpets look like new! I thought the stain would never come out. I Appreciate you being on time, your guarantee of quality work and your great prices!"

    Wendy Ross
  • "Other tile cleaning companies were not familiar with coquina stone and were hesitant to take the job. Not Greenway! They did a patch test first, proceeded to clean my floors and brought them back to their original beauty!"

    Chris Cremer
  • "Greenway was very professional. The service provided was the best I've ever experienced and I'll definitely call back. I have recommended Greeenway to everyone who needs cleaning. There is none better!"

    Donna Crane
  • "I am a very satisfied customer! My carpeting is clean, bright and fresh. I was especially impressed with the clean, high quality equipment. I actually looked at the mechanism inside Dave's van and it was spotless. My 4 year-old carpet now looks brighter and cleaner than with any other previous company I've used!"

    Rebecca Hill

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